Montell Jordan Gets To 'Do It' Again For Pepsi Campaign


What do you do to commemorate a hit single 20 years later? Celebrate at Buffalo Wild Wings, of course. Well at least that's what happened when Pepsi brought Montell Jordan to a Buffalo Wild Wings in Oakdale, Minnesota for their Hyped For Halftime campaign. Standing on a small stage in the middle of the fine establishment with a "live band" in tow, Montell performed "This Is How We Do It" to a room full of football fans eating chicken wings. While we're not sure if most of the audience actually knew who he was, the fans were hyped up and enjoyed Montell's remix of his own track. Strategically inserting football-isms and Pepsi into the song's lyrics wherever he could, Montell sang "Halftime's how we do it" and "Pepsi's how we do it" for branding purposes.

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Montell isn't the only one getting hype for halftime. Pepsi has been popping up all over the country surprising fans with celebrities, with Blake Shelton, Katy Perry and Nico & Vinz also participating in the campaign. None of them have performed at Buffalo Wild Wings, but that's neither here nor there. It's clear Montell made some Pepsi coins and most likely got some wings, so he's winning and still showing us how to do it. Watch the surprise performance and let us know if you think he's still got it.

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