Lucian x Mickey Valen Get Our Attention With Their Remix Of Seinabo Sey's 'Pistols At Dawn'


Seinabo Sey's EP, For Madeline, was one of our favorites in 2014, and while the project is full of great tracks, "Pistols at Dawn" seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Lucian x Mickey Valen have teamed up to offer fans yet another remix of the tune.

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The New York-based producers certainly aren't the first to transform the somber melody into a dance track, but their version has an added dose of swag. It starts off pretty low-key, with dramatic piano and strains of guitar, but then the gun cocks and unloads an unexpected blast of horns that almost steers the song into hip-hop territory. Further bolstered with a peppy piano loop and infusions of synths, the chopped song turns into something else entirely, and it's all rather awesome.

Make sure you grab your copy of this head-nodder while it's still available for free download from Lucian's SoundCloud page.

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