Keyshia Cole Starts The New Year With Visuals For 'New Nu' & 'Do That For (B.A.B)'


Back in 2014, Keyshia Cole promised to release a music video for almost every song on her sixth studio album, Point of No Return. SoulBounce has covered quite a bit of her latest videos that range from emotional and personal to sassy and sexy. Her latest two visuals for "New Nu" and "Do That For (B.A.B.)" are just silly.

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Let's start with the first video: "New Nu." In the song, Keyshia is tired of the way her man is treating her (no surprise there) and decides she is not putting up with it anymore, deciding to pack up and find something or someone new. I've come to accept that this song sounds exactly like Cole's other singles. That's her niche. I get it. But what I cannot accept is the poor direction of this video. What is really painful to watch is her performance shots in front of a computer generated screen of falling $100 dollar bills and diamonds. I kid you not, the background looks like it was created on Microsoft Paint in 1999. Whose idea was this and why did they think this was okay?

The next video, "Do That For (B.A.B.)," is a little bit better, but doesn't really have a storyline. Kicking off the video in front of a wall of graffiti, Keyshia lets you know that she is a "boss ass b***h," just in case you did not know. The rest of the video shows Keyshia and her girls in fitted hats and sneakers two-stepping and posing for the camera while she sings about falling in love with someone. The video honestly does not match the sentiment of the song, but there's no need to think too deeply about it so we'll move on.

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Keyshia thought it was a good idea to release two new music videos for the new year. However, after watching said videos, Ms. Cole needs to go back to the drawing board and start again. Hopefully, she'll really impress us and come back with something stronger and more clever later in the year because these ain't it.

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