Jhené Aiko Shows Us The Many Facets Of Her 'Spotless Mind'

Jhene Aiko Spotless Mind Still

People are complicated. Depending on mood and circumstance, we can be completely different than the person we usually present ourselves to be. It's a concept that Souled Out songstress Jhené Aiko explores in her latest video for her introspective track "Spotless Mind."

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Taking place in the span of a sunny California day, the clip finds the singer spending some time with her guy (played by her former beau and real-life baby daddy O'Ryan). But while her man stays pretty constant, Jhené's changes like the time of day. One hour, she's an artistic spirit, the next she's an oblivious hippie, then she's a hardcore gamer girl. Her mood and personality changes so much, from prissy business woman to hoodrat to dominatrix to spacy, ethereal chick, that it all becomes just to much for her man to handle. Unsure of whether she's coming or going, by video's end, he just decides to cut his losses and leave.

His leaving doesn't seem to cause too much strife in the singer's life, though, with Jhené repeating the song's refrain, "I'm a wanderer," letting him know that she's not done exploring the many facets that make her. Check out the subdued clip below and see the many personalities that make up Jhené.

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