Ibeyi Shows You Their 'Ghosts'


Last week we highlighted "Ghost," a hauntingly beautiful track by the musical sisters duo Ibeyi. The talented twins are quickly becoming a favorite musical act to look forward to hearing this year due to their unique sound and passion for making quality art. They've always took special care of creating evocative and artistic videos that will give you goosebumps and cause you to wonder about life's meaning. See "River" or "Oya" for examples.

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Now Ibeyi have released a simple black and white visual for "Ghosts" that makes you think you are really seeing ghosts. Director Ed Morris, who also filmed their previous videos for "Mama Says" and "River," shot the video in a grainy and dark haze that adds an eeriness to the melodic ballad. As Lisa-Kaindé Diaz sings lead on the piano and her sister Naomi Diaz drums along, Morris superimposes shots of the sisters' faces and bodies to make them appear as translucent spirits. The video is subtle and quiet at times, which fits well with the tone of the song. However, the simplicity of the shot allows us to focus on their beautiful lyrics and sweet-sounding voices. Check out the video below, and be sure to pre-order Ibeyi's self-titled debut on iTunes now.

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