Hot 16: SoulBounce’s Best Albums Of 2014

Kelis Food Cover

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Kelis FOOD [Review][Amazon][iTunes][Google Play]

When you’ve seen as many stylistic about turns as Kelis has made (both musically and fashion-wise) you could be forgiven for thinking this latest twist would be just another gimmick to attract success and all that comes with it. You’d be totally wrong, though. The more organic sound of FOOD her uniquely emotional voice perfectly. Harking back without sounding too retro, this collection of soul-funk stormers was beautifully delivered by a sassily introspective Kelis. Labi Siffre’s “Bless the Telephone” showcases her amazingly intimate vocal tone perfectly and is the calm at the eye of a soul stomping, funk filled and fun packed tornado of an album. FOOD was less milkshake, more bourbon on the rocks. -- Paisley Sparks

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