Gwen Stefani & Pharrell Williams Show Us How To 'Shine' With Lyric Video


Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams continue to brandish their magical musical powers on us with their latest single "Shine." The duo just released a super cute lyric video to go along with the single, featured on the Paddington movie soundtrack. In the video we get scenes from the movie, featuring of course the adorable bear, who goes on an adventure in the city looking for a new home. If "Shine" is any indication of the happenings in the movie, we're pretty sure Paddington later finds his way, and we get to experience a wholesome, happy ending.

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At this point we're impatient but still excited about Gwen's solo return. We've already heard her album's first single "Baby Don't Lie," Pharrell and Gwen's "Spark The Fire" and now "Shine." All of these tracks are keeping us pretty hopeful for what could be a very impressive return for the No Doubt frontwoman. Paddington actually comes out on the big screen on January 16th so go ahead and learn the lyrics to "Shine" and get yourself ready for the movie's debut.

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