Groove To Daz-I-Kue’s Remix Of Kenya’s ‘Wednesday Girl’


While some of us are still lamenting the end of our holiday vacation, jazzy soul artist Kenya is hard at work promoting the upcoming release of her new album, My Own Skin. The Chicago-based singer/songwriter has already received critical praise for the lead single, "Be Here" featuring Kloud 9, and the follow-up, "Wednesday Gir'l," is currently enjoying heavy rotation in the UK and select outlets in the US.

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Even though the song was only released a short time ago, the new year is a perfect time to breathe some new life into it.  So we aren’t mad that Darren “Daz-I-Kue” Benjamin, one of the producers for the original song (and the upcoming album), opted to funk it up a bit. While the remix retains the song’s jazzy roots and Kenya’s smooth vocals, the increase in tempo, funky horns and prominent bass line help transform it into a head-nodding groove.

Check out the remix below. If you want to add “Wednesday Girl” to your everyday playlist, you can purchase the original song directly from her website or the usual digital music stores. Then stay tuned for the official video, set to be released on January 14th.  And yes, that’s a Wednesday!

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