Ezel Makes Janet Jackson's 'That's The Way Love Goes' Even Sexier

Janet Jackson The Way Love Goes

Is it just us or are you feenin' for some Janet Jackson music too? Well it can't be just us, because it seems as if every day there's a new remix of a Janet classic popping up on our radar to remind us of the greatness of Miss Jackson (cuz we're nasty). The latest to go exploring in Janet's back catalog is Ezel, who decided to flip the sexy and sensual janet. era classic "That's The Way Love Goes" for another of Bayacou Guine remixes.

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While many have tried -- and failed -- in transforming the track, Ezel ultimately succeeds here. That's because he doesn't try to reinvent the wheel and make the song unrecognizable. Instead, he builds upon what's already there, the smooth instrumental track and Janet's whispery coos, amping up the sexy jam without getting in the way of the song. In fact, he actually does what some might say is impossible, he makes the song sound even sexier. Perhaps it's the constant thud of the added kick drum or the ambient synths, but something about Ezel's remix brings us closer to getting burned by that flame she mentions throughout the song.

While we're sure we'd all rather have a new Janet album in our hands right now, this abundance of remixes is more than enough to help us get through our withdrawal. You can get hot and bothered to Ezel's remix when you press play below.

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