Childish Gambino Gets 'Sober' On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'


Just in case you were wondering if Childish Gambino could really sing or if his mellifluous vocals were studio created, the rapper-turned-singer made it clear that he's got the goods with a live performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night. We already can't get enough of his shockingly good singing voice on the track "Sober," and he's brought us laughs aplenty in the ridiculous music video. So for his Kimmel performance, it was good to get a combination of both experiences.

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Gambino's live vocals were rather impressive and his band sounded great. On the trap breakdown is when Childish got down, recreating his off-kilter dance moves from the video. Keyboardist Lynette Williams was really into it, too, whipping her big hair to and fro.

In addition to crooning "Sober" on Jimmy Kimmel's stage, Childish Gambino also spit some hot fire on his GRAMMY nominated track "3005." Clocking in another energetic performance, CG moved like he had ants in his pants and even dropped that #NaeNae. Although his vocals weren't as crisp on this go round, one thing is for sure, this dude is hella entertaining.

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