You'll Want Jean Grae & The Everybody's Pregnant To Get 'Underneathu'


Jean Grae Underneathu Still

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If you aren't already following Jean Grae on social media, then you are doing yourself a grave injustice. The multi-talented Brooklyn-based artist regularly shares her brand of hilarity with fans on Twitter and Instagram on the regular. So it comes as no surprise that for her latest video, music and her quirky sense-of-humor collide in the best way imaginable in the '80s-themed clip for "Underneathu." Backed by her superdope band, The Everybody's Pregnant, Jean does her best bump-and-grind in this hilarious video that features the best of the low-budget, badly edited shows of yesteryear. Bad special effects and epic pelvic thrusts abound as Grae slithers (and at one point literally crawls) across the stage of the faux public access show "Perspectives on Perspetives." (That's not a typo.)

And while her band may miss numerous some musical cues, they never miss a body-rolling beat in the background. You may spot some familiar faces in The Everybody's Pregnant too. Tanya Morgan's Donwill shows up on keys as The Mechanic, producer Quelle Chris is Walt Chocolate on bass guitar and Sonnymoon's Anna Wise and Dane Orr are backing vocalist Leticia J and saxophone player Ricky Diamond respectively. A tip of the hat most definitely goes to Kiki the Soul Gift (aka the rose petal thrower), who spreads her joy all up in the background.

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The best part about this so-bad-its-good video is that beneath it all, the song is in reality pretty amazing. Grae proves that she is actually an adept singer who really just may end up getting everybody pregnant with this sexy ditty. "Underneathu" is taken from her R&B-inspired #5 EP, which was released last month. Get into this throwback realness, but be sure to strap up or you may just end up pregnant.

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