You’ll ‘Wanna Know’ What Andy Allo Does To This Arctic Monkeys’ Cover


Andy Allo is no stranger to the cover song. Way back in 2010, before the redecoration of self and sound with his Purple Majesty, Allo was wandering a blue-gray shoreline and giving a somber, yet eloquent performance of Kanye West‘s “Lost In the World.” Flash to some years later, Andy, this time with Prince in tow, gave honor to the late Amy Winehouse through their rendering of “Love is a Losing Game.” So it is with esteemed confidence that you can go into her cover of Arctic Monkeys‘ single “Do I Wanna Know” and hear how Allo has a true knack for making songs from other pens wholly her own.

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For this cover, Allo switches gears from beach scenes and rock legends as she invites us into the warm intimacy of just her and her band. While rocking a honey-colored coif, she gives a controlled, yet razor sharp rendition of the indie rock band’s 2013 single. This release comes as a pleasant reminder that Andy Allo is releasing an upcoming EP in the very near future. We already heard good things cooking by way of single “Tongue Tied,” and there is more to come. When you pre-order the set via Pledge Music, you will receive up-to-the-minute details about what’s new from the Andy Allo camp. Also, if you happen to find yourself in Los Angeles next week, Allo is having a special one-off show at the Hotel Cafe on December 8th, with tickets currently available for purchase.

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