Unïx Reminds Us That 'Love Lives' & Unleashes His 'Stupid Little S**t' EP

Unïx In Red Light With Guitar

With the aftermath of the wrongful deaths of Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice still looming over the country, this holiday season is a bit dim and bittersweet. Like Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Nicholas Ryan Gant and many other artists who have taken to the studio to let loose their raw emotions regarding these unfortunate circumstances, newcomer Unïx has hit us this week with the intense anthem “Love Lives.”

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The Richmond, Virginia native is lamenting and calling for sacrifice and a return to love. “To the Kings and Queens here on this planet / Don’t limit your ears to the knowledge of men,” he says, as the song builds. Along with his honorable lyricism and acoustic guitar strums, Unïx incorporates chilling and appropriate sound bites of this year’s most heartbreaking moments, which creates quite a powerful and unforgettable musical moment.

While “Love Lives” is both heavy and necessary, it’s only a small part of what Unïx has to offer. After conquering YouTube this year by taking on a host of covers from Beyoncé’s “XO” to Emily King’s “Distance,” the young soul star is finally showing his true colors by releasing his debut EP. It is cleverly titled Stupid Little S**t and includes “Love Lives,” as well as “Stupid Noise” (featuring yours truly) and lighter moments like sexy slow jam “DreamGirl” and the bubbly Brandie Muniz duet “Little Things.”

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In this short five-track set Unïx takes many unexpected turns, not only proving that he is talented but also multifaceted, and without coming off as unnatural at any point along the ride. Give Unïx and his Stupid Little S**t EP a shot by heading over to Bandcamp and grabbing a copy for free now.

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