SoundTable Discussion: SoulBounce Celebrates The Glory Of D’Angelo’s ‘Black Messiah’

“Really Love”

D-Money: Remember when this was just mumbles and the chorus? My oh my how far this came.

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Butta: YES! What a long and glorious way this has come. I freaking love this song. I’m so happy that it’s the official first single.

D-Money: It’s so damn gorgeous. From the Spanish-speaking woman at the beginning to that transition into the main melody. I just wanna wrap this whole thing around me and chill for the rest of the day.

Butta: The strings on the intro are to die for. Then the Spanish guitar brought me back to life.

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D-Money: And I love how, even though he fleshed it out, he didn’t complicate it. The sentiment is still simple and sincere.

Butta: It is all that but complex at the same time.

D-Money: I can’t say much other than I really love “Really Love.” Got me all wistful and shit. *sheds single thug tear*

Butta: This is a straight up love song. A grown ass man singing about falling and being in love. I so need this in my life.

D-Money: Yo, if somebody sang anything like this to me? We go together from then on.

Butta: Please believe it. And please believe this will be going on my Butta’s Bedroom Breakdown/GTD playlist. This song has me in a zone.

D-Money: For the cuddle session after?

Butta: Before, during, afterglowing. Just have this joint on a continuous loop.

D-Money: Hey now!

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