SoundTable Discussion: SoulBounce Celebrates The Glory Of D’Angelo’s ‘Black Messiah’

“Sugah Daddy”

Butta: I have to admit that when this was the first song that was released the night before the the album that I was a little underwhelmed.

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D-Money: Really?! I think it was the most logical first listen, since it’s so close to the sound of Voodoo.

Butta: True, but I had heard the song for the past two years that he’s performed it on tour. So it wasn’t new to me. Felt a little anti-climactic after a 14-year wait.

D-Money: Yeah, it’s a little old, but I think he freshened it up in the studio version. Plus, I’m a sucker for anything with horns (shouts to Roy Hargrove for the horn licks here) and this pitter-pat drum rhythm had me hooked from jump.

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Butta: I can dig it, and “Sugah Daddy” is surely a big old bowl of funk and jazz. Listening to it as part of the album was better for me than as a standalone track.

D-Money: Plus, I like that it’s the first moment of fun that we get on the album. A bit of a reprieve from the seriousness of the first three songs. And these lyrics…

Butta: Yes, this song is definitely a thematic departure from what we’ve heard until now. Here again, D’s delivery makes it hard to decipher all of the lyrics, but once you read them and in turn follow along, it’s quite cheeky.

D-Money: Cheeky, indeed. There’s a lot of butt spankin’ going on here. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Butta: Let the church say amen. Pun intended since this is a song about a church girl.

D-Money: Wait…did he just say, “I hit it so I made the p***y fart”? Sir…

Butta: Yes, yes, he did. And I looking at all of the songwriters cockeyed wondering who wrote that particular lyric.

D-Money: Probably Q-Tip. He’s nasty like that.

Butta: Rawr.

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