SoundTable Discussion: SoulBounce Celebrates The Glory Of D’Angelo’s ‘Black Messiah’

“The Charade”

D-Money: Yes! I’ve been waiting on a studio version of this. If “1,000 Deaths” was Sly Stone meets Prince, this one is just straight up Prince.

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Butta: YES! I need to go find my sheer ruffled purple blouse and from back in the day and put it on while listening to this.

D-Money: Exactly. He’s getting his Around the World in a Day on. It still amazes me how well D can channel His Purpleness and yet give it a sound that is undeniably D’Angelo.

Butta: And this is SO D’Angelo.

D-Money: Right down to his signature mumble. I’m kinda salty he didn’t give us a lyric book with the digital version. He know he ain’t right. Thank God they can be found online. Besides, this groove is too undeniable to even be mad.

Butta: Although I wasn’t able to make out everything that he was singing on first listen, once I got ahold of the lyrics and saw how deep this song is, I had a newfound appreciation.

D-Money: “All we wanted was a chance to talk, ‘stead we got outlined in chalk.” Damn, D. This might sound like a love song musically, but it’s definitely got some political bite.

Butta: Oh yes, D’Angelo totally bamboozled us with “The Charade.” This song is so timely in these not-so-post-racial United States of AmeriKKKa.

D-Money: Yep. This song is, what, two years old, if not older? And it’s right on the nose with everything going on. He might not have came when we wanted him, but he’s right on time with this one.

Butta: Let me find out D’Angelo is a soothsayer. Does he know the next PowerBall numbers?

D-Money: NostraD’Angelo.

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