SoundTable Discussion: SoulBounce Celebrates The Glory Of D’Angelo’s ‘Black Messiah’

“Ain’t That Easy”

D-Money: I must admit, the first few seconds of this had me a bit worried. My fears were put aside soon after though.

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Butta: Yeah, the intro had me wondering what the hell I had just turned on. But then the real music kicked in and it was funky like a donkey. Then D’Angelo started singing. I may have briefly fainted at this point. I definitely gasped and swooned.

D-Money: Haha. That funky guitar riff is everything. And D doesn’t sound too bad for a man coming off a 15-year hiatus.

Butta: Listening to this joint makes you wanna get that stank, Verdine White-playing bass while having an orgasm face.

D-Money: Yessss! My foot immediately started tapping and my head was nodding like nobody’s business. And these harmonies…man, listen. So good I’d slap yo’ mama and mine.

Butta: And these lyrics, though? “You need the comfort of my lovin’ / To bring out the best in you.” Sheeeeeeeeeeeet. That’s that ish that makes you leave your happy home and make some bad decisions.

D-Money: That’s that good player shit right there. The kinda game you just drop and walk away and wait for the drawls to follow.

Butta: I feel like D’Angelo just grabbed a handful of my hair and is singing this into my ear with his lips on my neck. Or something of that nature.

D-Money: I always knew you were a freak, Butta! *adds you to the database*

Butta: *straightens halo*

D-Money: That ain’t even gonna work.

Butta: This song is so crazy, sexy, funky. It’s almost as if this is D’Angelo’s declaration to fans who all but counted him out when he sings, “You can’t leave me / It ain’t that easy / To walk away / When I want you to stay.”

D-Money: I’m sure after hearing this joint, they’ll wonder why they ever doubted him.

Butta: And by “they” you mean “we.”

D-Money: …annnnnnnd moving along.

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