SoundTable Discussion: SoulBounce Celebrates The Glory Of D’Angelo’s ‘Black Messiah’

“The Door”

Butta: This song sounds so shiny and happy with its leisurely whistle and guitar, but D’Angelo is kinda reading in these lyrics.

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D-Money: And I’m here for it. Thought that might have to something to do with recent personal life. Haha. Though, I must admit, this is the one track I find myself skipping past when I’m listening to the album.

Butta: I can understand that. Beside “1000 Deaths” it is my least favorite song on the album. But once I listened to the lyrics, I appreciated the song more since the music didn’t particularly grab me.

D-Money: Yeah, the lyrics are what grabbed me. And the fact that they’re so stand-offish and play against the happy-go-lucky whistling here.

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Butta: Well played, D’Angelo. Well played.

D-Money: You think this is D telling us he might go folk/country next go around (which will probably be in 2025)?

Butta: Nah, it’ll be 2034. But seriously, D can go in any damn direction he wants and we will follow. He is our soul lord and R&B savior.

D-Money: F’real. Three albums and 20 years later and he has yet to do me greasy. I can’t say that for most. Even my favorite.

Butta: And your favorite is probably going back to the drawing board right now to think about their life and their choices. (Hi, Maxwell.)

D-Money: Shots fired!

Butta: I love my baby daddy Max, Lord knows I do, but he needs to come back as strong as this on that next album. As anxious as I am to hear SUMMERS’, Black Messiah shows that it pays to take your time and do it right.

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