SoundTable Discussion: SoulBounce Celebrates The Glory Of D’Angelo’s ‘Black Messiah’

“Betray My Heart”

D-Money: This might just be bass, drums, guitar and D’s voice for the most part, but damn if it doesn’t seem like so much more. And these slight horn flourishes? Man, I’m in love.

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Butta: Yes. Yes. Yes. On my first listen of Black Messiah, “Betray My Heart” was an early favorite and the love has only grown deeper with each listen. The jazzy groove of this track is everything that’s good and right.

D-Money: Everything and more!

Butta: The musicians are so in the pocket on the bridge. My God.

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D-Money: It was the first song I actually listened to on the set (I’d accidentally put the album on shuffle), and the first thing I said was, “Yessss, D’Angelo.” That’s how I knew the album was gonna be great.

Butta: This song isn’t as slick as the tracks that were on Brown Sugar, but I feel like it totally could have been a hidden track (remember those?) on that album. Or definitely something that he performed on the Live at the Jazz Cafe collection.

D-Money: Oh this totally could’ve been on the Jazz Cafe joint. I really need to hear/see this performed live to be honest. As smooth as it is in studio, it has to be damn good on stage.

Butta: You know D’Angelo and The Vanguard will go slap off on this in concert. With a horn section? LOOK. LISTEN.

D-Money: I think we should book a trip to Europe soon. Haha.

Butta: I’m positive that The Second Coming Tour will be coming to the United States, but not soon enough, dammit.

D-Money: Not nearly soon enough.

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