Rainy Milo Has Decided To 'Rate You'

rainy milo_rate you

Londoner Rainy Milo has been on a mission to make her name known this year, releasing her debut album, This Thing of Ours, back in March. After gracing us with several sublime singles this year, including "Treasure Girl" and "Don't Regret Me," she is back with a new single, "Rate You." Produced by Bunx Dadda, the song picks up right where her album left off with more of the mellow sounds that put her on our radar in the first place. Here, she focuses on how its easy to romanticize a past lover after the relationship has met its demise.

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Regardless of where you are in a relationship, we have all been there before, missing someone so much that you forget the things that made them an ex in the first place. Rainy does a great job of reminding herself (and you) of what you shouldn't be doing with those memories. As usual, she displays an intuitiveness far beyond her youthful age. So how will you "rate" her melancholy ode to love lost? Be sure to let us know below.

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