Nico & Vinz Perform 'Am I Wrong' And 'In Your Arms' At Soul Train Awards 2014


After their summer hit, "Am I Wrong," exploded on all of the music charts in the United States after blowing up across the world, Nico & Vinz has been on the steady rise to stardom. BET joined the fanfare by inviting the Norwegian duo to perform at the Soul Train Awards 2014.

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For their performance, Nico & Vinz performed a verse and the chorus of "Am I Wrong" and then transitioned to another upbeat song, "In Your Arms." Backed by a live band with a great percussion section, the winners of the Best New Artist award charmed their way into the viewers' hearts with their Afropean vibes.

Peep their positive showing and energetic set right here, and be sure to check out their debut album, Black Star Elephant, on iTunes now.

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