M&O Put A New Spin On Outkast's 'Hey Ya'


Chicago's adventure soul duo M&O have been getting our attention of late with their mellow, sweet style. The duo, made up of Jamila Woods (Milo) and Owen Hill (Otis), are set to release new music in 2015, however to tide us over until then, they've taken their signature sound to a classic upbeat smash hit, Outkast's "Hey Ya." The duo have flipped the track, pulled it apart and put it back together in a fresh way.

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The focus of M&O's version is the lyrics and their story, so rather than keep the track at its frantic, crazed original pace, M&O have slowed the tempo way down and added tons of warmth through harmonies and Milo's smooth vocals. The sleepy tone of this cover of "Hey Ya" perfectly captures the tone of the lyrics, and allows their heartfelt notions to swim around in your soul, thanks to the dulcet vocals, deep bass and subtle drumming. M&O have also added visuals of the studio recording to accompany this aural treat, which just makes the reworking -- which could have been a big fail, with such a well-known track -- so much sweeter.

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