Mélat Delivers A Message About Compassion In 'Relevation 8:2'


Mélat's faithful outlook on life reminds us that everything will be okay even when tragedy ensues in her latest song, "Revelation 8:2." Describing what the song means to her, Mélat states, "The way I see it, this song is me, standing from the mountaintops sharing my thoughts on what is and what could be. 'What is' is the fact that my music is driven off love...'What could be' is the acceptance of love as our collective future." Named after the Bible scripture that reads, "And I saw the seven angels who stand before God, and seven trumpets were given to them," the indie-soul artist uses her mic as a trumpet to deliver a meaningful message about the power of love, compassion and truth.

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Producer Jansport J created a song with a laid-back groove that suits Mélat's soothing voice. The treatment for the video is very simple and low-key, which fits the feeling of the no-frills song. Shot in black and white, the video portrays Mélat standing outside of what appears to be a church with her mic. She intentionally chose to keep the visuals modest so that the audience could fully focus on the simple, yet important concept of love and acceptance.

Check out Mélat's video below to see her powerful message.

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