Healing With A Groove Uses Music As A Tool For Transforming The Lives Of Young Black Men

photo credit: Jamaica Gilmer

Here at SoulBounce, we want to spotlight positive actions that are occurring in our communities, especially for young men of color, to affirm that their lives matter. In mainstream media, the common thread that is often perpetuated in the narratives is negative and tragic. Yes, there are issues and barriers that our young men face. However, there are organizations and communities that are providing opportunities and finding solutions to address these issues that disproportionately impact boys and men of color.

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Under Construction is a multimedia online exhibit, produced by social change organization Frontline Solutions, that highlights organizations across the United States that are illustrating some of the best practices to engage and impact the lives of males of color. One of the organizations featured is Healing With A Groove, a dynamic program that uses music as to tool for healing and expression among young Black men in the Mississippi Delta.

Launched in 2013 at Delta State University, the Healing With A Groove program offers young men between the ages of 12 to 17 from Bolivar and Sunflower counties in Mississippi a state of the art education in audio engineering, songwriting and music technology. The young men are encouraged to write, produce and perform original songs and music as an outlet to find their voice and to speak their mind. While the teenage boys are definitely drawn to the bells and whistles of the music studio and the excitement of making their own music, the crux of the program lies in the mission to promote racial reconciliation and self awareness through dialogue and the arts.

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Check out the short video below for a great snapshot of the program, its positive impact on young Black men and the healing power of music for a community. To learn more about national organizations and programs such as Healing With A Groove that are transforming the lives of boys and men of color, you can check out the rest of the Under Construction series here.

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