Harvey Mason Gets Help From Chris Turner On The Way To 'Heaven'


Just days ago, Chris Turner heeded Questlove's call for musicians to use their art as a voice for the voiceless. Turner's contribution to the cause, "Americano," was especially moving in the span of time where police officers involved in the deaths of black men in Ferguson, MO, and Staten Island, NY, we're not indicted, sending many into pure rage or protest mode.

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But Turner's collaboration with Harvey Mason, a founding member of smooth jazz quartet Fourplay, offers a relaxing escape from current events while also allowing Chris to flex some vocal muscle. "If I Ever Lose This Heaven," from Mason's Chameleon album, hears the drummer crafting a melodious tune involving showy guitar licks before introducing a little brass and his signature rhythmic percussion.

Soon, Turner is joining this menagerie of music, lending silky falsettos to the crisply sung poetry of love. "If I ever lose this heaven, oh, I'll never be the same" Turner confesses before revealing, "I'm rewriting the book of love called, ‘You.’"

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The jazzy cover of the Quincy Jones tune, the original of which featured Al Jarreau, Minnie Ripperton and Leon Ware, blends the impromptu vibe of Mason's music well with the concentrated delivery of Turner's vocals for a cohesive and romantic gem.

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