Dawn Richard Works Up A Sweat On 'Physical'


With Danity Kane and Diddy - Dirty Money done and over with, Dawn Richard — easily your favorite member from both groups — can finally direct her attention to her solo material. She's already whet our appetites with the release of a music video for "Blow" and the single "Professional," but her latest offering is strictly for the dance floor.

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"Physical" immediately pumps up the jam with a pulsating thump that's persistent throughout the tune, and gets accented by hypnotic brass and '80s electro-synth keys. "Let's get physical," Richard's breathy-yet-mousy vocals command to her beau in repetitive fashion, but it's a mandate that translates to listeners, too, who'll be compelled to "be careless and vibe" to this unapologetic house groove.

The Black Era is shaping up to be an exciting time for Dawn. And with her album, Blackheart, set for release on January 15th, fans can do little to contain their excitement for what her next body of work has to offer.

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