Cobe Obeah & Nneka Shed Light On Society's 'True Colors'


Cobe Obeah Nneka True Colors Still

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Artists Cobe Obeah and Nneka impressed us in 2012 with their collaboration, "True Colors," a poignant and conscious track about the state of today's injustices. For two years, the duo has not released the song as an official single or created a visual to accompany the powerful words. Fast forward to a week ago, Cobe quietly released a video and the timing couldn't be any more perfect. Even though "True Colors" was written at least two years ago, Obeah's pensive rhymes about survival, freedom and lack of peace remains relevant.

Directed by Ifeanyi Njoku, the video shows Cobe and Nneka rap and sing in anguish about disenfranchisement by the government, brutality by the police and global corruption. As the two artists weave together personal and political lyrics, images of tragic events and pain are on display. At one point in the video, there is even a quick moment of pause to observe the death of Eric Garner.

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While "True Colors" is a heavy and grim song, it is admirable to hear and see talented artists use their gifts of words and music to address the real problems that we encounter today. We give much respect to Cobe Obeah and Nneka for bringing honesty to their music. See for yourself in the video below.

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