Yuna & G. Eazy Tell Us What Really Goes On Beyond The 'Lights And Camera'


If you caught the beautiful love story, Beyond the Lights, in movie theaters last weekend, you probably caught wind of the well put together soundtrack that is full of many musical gems. One of songs featured on the soundtrack is "Lights and Camera," by the soft-spoken vocalist Yuna who gives a glimpse into what life can be like for someone who is constantly in the spotlight. Yuna sings about the struggle to maintain her integrity amidst the craziness and fantasy of becoming a successful artist in this tough music industry.

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This week, Yuna released the remix to "Lights and Camera" with an extra verse from Bay-area rapper G-Eazy. Similar to Yuna's points, G-Eazy speaks from his own experience of dealing with new changes and pressures once he signed a record deal. Overall the song gives a great message about not losing oneself in instant gratification of fame and fortune. Take a listen to the song right here, and be head over to iTunes to purchase.

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