T-Pain Makes His Pain Plain In 'Stoicville'


Since we're still riding on T-Pain train, no Auto-Tune included, we thought it was only right to take a listen to his latest single "Stoicville." While his NPR Tiny Desk Concert was just a primer, we weren't expecting what would come next. In the single, T-Pain lays down some candid verses like he's laying on our therapeutic couch, venting about his trials and tribulations experienced from childhood to adulthood. He starts rapping, "Coming home from school I had tears in my eyes / They were pickin' on me and wouldn't give me my hat back / Now I got enough hats to give away / Tt's better days I refuse to have flashbacks." T-Pain tells the rest of the story about building himself from nothing to something with little to no support. He also vents and addresses his daddy issues and sends a sincere "f**k you" to most of his haters, all over a simple instrumental.

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If this is the new direction for the rapper ternt Auto-Tune-free sanger we won't be popping bottles anytime soon. We will however light a few candles and get in a contemplative mood because Mr. "Buy U A Drank" is drinking alone in the corner on this one. There's no doubt that T-Pain has talent, and although a downer, "Stoicville" is an earnest single to add to the artist's repertoire. We're definitely anticipating T-Pain Presents Happy Hour, even more now and can't wait to hear what else Teddy Pain has to offer. Are you into T-Pain's "Stoicville" or do you want him to bring the Auto-Tune back on this one?

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