Sisqo Shows Off His 'LIPS'


Sisqo takes it back to the keys with his latest single "LIPS," and he's showing some pretty impressive footwork in the new visuals. In the black-and-white video, the singer gets comfy in front of a piano, belting out all of the things he wants to do to his significant other later. Speaking of which, he gets pretty intimate with his mirror-obsessed co-star in the video who gets her lips and lingerie ready to slow dance with the dragon himself. Sisqo later ditches the lingerie lady to record a solo video where he's begging and pleading in front of a white background. "For what?" you may ask, we're guessing for those lips again.

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While the video is typically what we'd expect for an R&B track like this, we do enjoy seeing Sisqo and his Michael Jackson-esque moves. He also appears to be somewhat sentimental and vulnerable in the visuals, which we prefer to his club persona in "A-List." The song is a good listen and the video is an alright look but what more could you ask for from the "Thong Song" king? We're still waiting on the release date for his third studio album, The Last Dragon, but we presume there will be some serious vocals and more dance moves to follow.

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