Nikki Jean Cries Us Some ‘Rivers’

Nikki Jean Ivory Couch

Nikki Jean promised us an EP this month, and with yet another single being dropped, it looks like it might just be so. The blasphemously tongue in cheek “Champagne Water” had us nodding our our heads to its “gospel trap” sound, and new song “Rivers” is yet another unexpected sound from the singer.

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The song, produced by The Social Experiment‘s Donnie Trumpet and Double-O, finds the singer lamenting a relationship ending in her tears. Yet you won’t hear the typical sad love song sound here. Donnie and Double-O take a somber piano and synth sound and spike it with knocking drum programming and punchy horns that keep the track from sounding too downtrodden. Meanwhile, Nikki’s vocal finds her taking on the role of an introspective woman post-breakup, heartbroken yet reluctant to face the pain of it all, instead opting to drown her sorrows in her vices.

So far, we’re loving what we’re hearing from the songstress’s direction and are more than ready for her Champagne Water EP to release. Take a listen to “Rivers” right here and let us know what you think of Nikki’s latest.

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