Kona Lures Us In With Her 'Sirens' Song

Kona Grass Field BW

We don't know much about singer Kona, but if her single "Sirens" is anything to go by, then we need to get to know her. The Atlanta singer, who currently calls Miami home, smartly hooked up with The Internet's Matt Martians for "Sirens" and the result is nothing short of musical magic.

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Led by a thick, funky, laid-back bass line and dusted with synth piano flourishes, the track is an R&B confection that is sure to attract R&B lovers everywhere. And once you've been lured in by that, you'll stay around once Kona's sugary vocal starts. As it wafts across Matt's musical landscape, it'll surely enchant you as beckons you to "whisk me away" on the song's chorus.

It's another feather in the cap for Matt, who has proven to be quite the musician both with The Internet and on his own separate endeavors. It's also a wonderful introduction to Kona, who we'll most definitely be keeping an eye on. Get lost in the beauty of this breathtaking track right here, and if you feel so inclined, pick up your own copy for less than a dollar over at CDBaby.

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