K. Michelle Phones Heartache In ‘Maybe I Should Call’

K Michelle Maybe I Should Call Still

K. Michelle‘s new album, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?, will arrive in a matter of weeks, and it seems that the songstress is moving full steam ahead with the albums promotion. She’s already released three singles and a music video for her playgirl anthem “Love ‘Em All.” Now she returns with an emotional video for the album’s second single, “Maybe I Should Call.”

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For the video, which is “inspired by a true story” (and may or may not be about Idris Elba), she expands on what was seen in the song’s lyric video, adding a narrative which shows K. watching life unfold for the man who got away. While she seems to be an impeccably dressed and coiffed apparition in his life, everything else going on is very real, from him and his wife embracing their new bundle of joy to romantic dinners and even a late night lovemaking session between him and his new love.  All the while, K. Michelle looks on, tears in her eyes and her heart being ripped in two. Then the singer wakes up in her bed, her brand new iPhone 6 Plus carefully placed beside her (because this video had to be funded somehow), and we realize it was all just a dream. And as she once again struggles to dial those 10 digits, she looks plaintively into the camera.

Though she’s known for her ratchetness (hence her constant presence in reality television), this song and video definitely strikes a chord in anyone who is going through, or has been through, something similar. We have a feeling that Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? will definitely continue to bring the emotion and the drama when it releases on December 9th.

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