Common Speaks Poetically About 'This War We Fight'


Common gives a beautiful salute to American troops who sacrificed their lives to protect our country as well as women and men today who continue to stand and serve at the frontline of war in his poem, "This War We Fight." He penned the poem in honor of this year's Veteran's Day celebration at the White House. Directed by Sean Glover, the black-and-white video clip features Common gazing out of a large window in the White House as he performs the introspective words over the soothing instrumental track "Opening Sea Morning" by Puddle of Infinity.

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The choice to film the video in black and white with dark tones contrasting of the room with the sunlight shining through the window and to use the somber instrumental as the background music aligns with the solemn subject of war and its effects on humanity. However, just as Common looks on at sunny day outside, he closes the poem on a hopeful note to remind us that "peace is not far from where we are today." Press play to watch and listen to this moving piece right here.

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