Bounce-Worthy: DANIELA


With artists like Jessie Ware, Sam Smith, Elli Ingram and MNEK, there’s no denying that UK artists have been killing it when it comes to R&B, soul, alt-soul, pop soul and the like. But just across the North Sea, their Scandinavian counterparts are making waves of their own. Enter new artist Daniela Sörensen, an 18-year-old chanteuse from Sweden. Like her gifted contemporaries and fellow Swedes Seinabo Sey and Sabina Ddumba, the artist known simply as DANIELA is ready to make her mark on the world.

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Currently, the singer/songwriter has only released one track, but that was enough to get our attention. Produced by 17-year-old wunderkinds Vidar Trojenborg and David Bekic, “Eternal Lie” weaves a tale of an unfaithful partner. Ms. Sörensen’s voice possesses a depth and maturity that belies her youth. Her lush yet genteel tone exhibits a reflective restraint at the beginning of the song, almost as if giving the listener a peek inside of her inner dialogue. As the song continues, you can hear her work through various emotional stages. The pain of her betrayal morphs into frustration, while her delivery becomes tinged with a raw edginess and power that finally builds into the steely resolve we hear as she belts out the chorus.

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