Will You Show 'Your Love' For Willow Smith?

Willow Smith MSFTS Shirt

Jaden Smith wasn't the only member of the Smith clan who decided to release some new music this week. His prolific sister Willow Smith also decided to grace us with her musical presence with her new track "Your Love." The track borrows its groove from The xx, but it's angsty, lovey-dovey lyrics are all Willow.

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And it seems that young Willow is also finding her voice, with her vocals sounding more and more assured with each outing. This go around, her voice softly rides the mellow, guitar-driven rhythm easily, never becoming too gentle or too overpowering, as she sings of love. It also bears repeating that the youngster has maturity far beyond her years as she tackles subject matter that even some veterans can't approach adequately (if you need any proof of this, check the Top 40 and urban radio).

If you ever had any doubts about what the future generation will bring to music when they come of age, allow Willow to ease your fears. Take a listen to "Your Love" and be on the lookout for much more to come from her direction.

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