We’re Feeling Mali Music’s ‘Heavy Love’


Mali Music Heavy Love Still

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Mali Music is a regular on the playlist around here at SoulBounce HQ, and with his latest music video for “Heavy Love,” he’s ensured that’s where he’ll comfortably stay. In keeping with Mali Music’s inspiring sound, “Heavy Love” sings the praises of love. Not just any ol’ love, but the real, honest love that scratches below the superficial surface and has strength and longevity, despite the obstacles that life will often throw, somewhat cheekily, in it’s path.

With it’s booming beat and layers of keys, strings and guitar serving as the perfect foundation for Mali Music’s vocal declaration of love, “Heavy Love” conjures up feelings that will having you feeling anything but weighed down. The visuals, meanwhile, only keep the good vibes flowing, as they depict a young couple surprising their friends and family with the news of their impending marriage and the joyous celebration that follows. With “Heavy Love” Mali Music will have you feeling light as a feather and smiling like a fool.

If you haven’t yet, grab a copy of his latest, Mali Is.

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