Ruth Koleva Shares A 'Breathtaking Moment' With Us

Ruth Koleva Breathtaking Still

While everyone loves a good show, it's refreshing to see an artist strip back all the artifice to let it be just their voice and the music. Bulgarian songstress Ruth Koleva, who's had us in her sway with her song "Better" and her recent self-titled album, Ruth, does just that with her knew ONE SHOT video series, which finds the singer offering up acoustic versions of her previously recorded songs that feature just her and guitar player Stoayan Djaferov.

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The latest in the series finds Ruth reimagining her recent song "Breathtaking Moment." The song, which in its original form is full of swirling synths and hard-hitting production, actually lends itself quite nicely to an acoustic arrangement. That's because Ruth's versatile voice, and not the song's production, is what drives the song. While Stoayan provides deft accompaniment, Ruth's sweet vocal floats between the notes for a quiet moment that definitely needs to be seen and heard.

You can peep what Ruth does on the acoustic tip right here. And for more of her ONE SHOT series, as well as her other videos and even some commentary from Ruth herself, check out the singer's YouTube page.

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