Nas Steps Into His New 'Season' With J Dilla-Backed Track


Some of the best storytellers can write rhymes around your favorite emcee. And if your favorite emcee is Nas, then he's pretty much running circles around himself. Fresh off of his Illmatic 20th Anniversary Tour,  the New York-bred rapper is celebrating his longevity with new single "The Season," which proves the "40 and a little change" (as he says in the track) rapper, is only getting better with time. Although he's keeping things fresh, the single is nostalgic, sampling J Dilla’s "Gobstopper" beat from his 2006 album Donuts (apparently, Nas has a lot of love for the D since he just had Madonna licking all over his face on the 'gram, but we digress).

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The vibrant horns and strong percussion make for a triumphant track, almost announcing the return of a king. Nas gives us a single a few generations can appreciate, slipping in recent rap hits and jabs to other emcees. "Attempts to chisel my face, from the mountain you guessed it / B***h you guessed it / There, did I answer your questions?" he raps at one point. He later references some rappers we know who have also sampled the Detroit producer, "Jay Elec doesn’t write it / Hov couldn’t write it, he vacationing." Shots fired. (You can read the rest of his lyrics on Rap Genius because they're worth it.)

We're nodding our heads to the beat but twiddling our thumbs as we await Nas' final Def Jam album, which he's currently working on. In the meantime, if you're into "The Season" you can listen to and download it below.

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