Keyshia Cole Performs ‘I Remember (Part 2)’ On ‘Queen Latifah’

Keyshia Cole Queen Latifah Show

One of our favorite things about The Queen Latifah Show is the sheer amount of musical performances that the host brings to her stage (we even made a list about it). Today’s episode of the show brought singer/songwriter Keyshia Cole to the stage to promote her new album, Point of No Return. She graced the audience with a heart-wrenching performance of her new song “I’ll Remember (Part 2).” The newly red-haired singer milked the performance for all the emotion she could, and the audience was feeling her, swaying to and fro to the song’s rhythm.

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In addition, Keyshia sat down with Queen Latifah to discuss her new album and the 13 videos she filmed for the set — it would’ve been 14, but due to R&B singer August Alsina‘s health concerns, they couldn’t film a clip for “On Demand.” She also got a chance to give a special birthday surprise for one of her biggest fans. If you’re a Keyshia fan, you can check your local listings for times that the show will air or catch reairings on BET or Centric. You can also check out the performance and a brief interview clip right here. And be sure to pick up Keyshia’s Point of No Return, which is in stores now.

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