Jessie J Proves She 'Ain't Been Done' & Delivers A 'Masterpiece' Ahead Of Album Release


Jessie J is counting down to the debut of her next album with the reveal of two more tracks. To get us primed for her upcoming album Sweet Talker, Jessie offers up "Ain't Been Done" and "Masterpiece." Jessie starts off "Ain't Been Done" with some quick-lipped rapping, proclaiming "I'm so ill, I'll need a painkiller / Stealing the show like a criminal." She dedicates the song to the non-believers, who by the end of the track just may change their tune. Jessie has fun on the song, showing off her uniqueness over a percussion-heavy beat. On the chorus she sings "I'ma do it like it ain't been done" as the song moves from sing-songy to hard. It's pretty clear she's gunning for the number one position with this single, and she just may get there if she continues this behavior.

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Switching gears just a tad on "Masterpiece," which begins with intense violins, Jessie is determined to be honest about herself whether you like it or not. "I still fall on my face sometimes, I can't color in the lines sometimes / I'm perfectly incomplete, I'm still working on my masterpiece," she sings. She states we haven't seen the best of her, but we can definitely hear it. The song is an "accept me, flaws and all" appeal to whoever is listening as Jessie keeps things honest over beautiful keys and more percussion.

Last week Jessie got sentimental on "Personal" and a week before that was partying on "Burnin' Up." Speaking of which, the video for the hot track featuring 2 Chainz premieres tomorrow. While she keeps giving us track snacks to munch on -- she's released 5 out of the 15 album tracks so far -- we're just about ready for the full meal. While we wait for Sweet Talker's October 14th release, in the mean time you can pre-order the album on iTunes and get "Ain't Been Done" and "Masterpiece" instantly.

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