Jagged Edge Is Having A Hard Time ‘Getting Over You’

Jagged Edge All Black Jumpsuits BW

Were only a few short weeks away from the release of Jagged Edge‘s JE Heartbreak II, and JE fans are eager to hear what the group is bringing them this go around. We’ve got a little somethin’ somethin’ to quench those fans’ thirst in the form of a quartet’s new track, “Getting Over You.”

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Playing to their strengths, “Getting Over You” is another ballad from the group. But this time, instead of trying to woo a pretty young thing, the guys are lamenting the end of a relationship. They paint the story of what happened quite clearly. Without warning, a fella arrives home to find that his lady has packed her ish and left.  That definitely seems like a tough pill to swallow, and the crew spends the entire song wallowing in their feelings about the emotional shock to the system the guy experiences, emphasizing that he has no clue what exactly he did.

Musically speaking, while the lyrics tug at heartstrings, this is a pretty standard JE track. The fellas deliver their signature harmonies over a looped soul sample with very little variation (even the chorus is the quartet repeating the same sentence over and over again). Like previous singles releases “Hope” and “Ready,” we’re sure the sound will be right up their old fans’ alley. Whether or not it brings them any new ones remains to be seen.

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