Dave Hollister Wants You To Know He’s ‘Different’

Dave Hollister Black Shirt Glasses

Attention R&B lovers! In case you weren’t sure by his initial single “Spend the Night,” Dave Hollister intends to bring about a resurgence of velvety smooth R&B grooves with his upcoming album, Chicago Winds…The Saga Continues. To further drive home the point, the crooner gives us another taste with new single, “I’m Different.”

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The song is Dave’s way of letting folks know that he’s not your average guy. Over a smoothed out, synth driven slow jam, Dave lets his lady love know that he’s about to change her mind about all the other guys she’s ever been with, even giving her a laundry list of why exactly he’s got it all over the other guys. “I’ll do you better, down to the letter  / Disappoint you never, ‘cuz I’m different,” he sings — while all ladies within earshot presumably swoon in delight. And who could blame them? This song has all the earmarks of a true seductive R&B jam, from the loverman lyrics to the syrupy thick bass line, while still keeping the sound ultimately modern.

With this and “Spend the Night” sounding so good, we’re way more than excited to hear with Chicago Winds…The Saga Continues will be bringing when it’s released on October 21st. Until then, cuddle up to “I’m Different” right here.

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