Black Fantastic Remind Us About Balance On 'Moderation'

Black Fantastic At Art Gallery

It’s been a while since we last heard from LA transplant duo Black Fantastic, but it looks like they have been going quite steady. Roman Lee Norfleet and Jacque Hammond just blessed the people last week with something extra funky in the form a brand new short EP, and we’re glad that we dug into it. Recorded at Converse’s Rubber Tracks Studio stop in Los Angeles, California right before they were lucky enough to perform as the opening act for the Wu-Tang Clan’s own GZA, this two-track session finds the duo spitting truth as they always do over Norfleet’s undeniable production.

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“Moderation” is the heart of the project and its purpose is to remind us how important balance is in this life. “When it’s just too much I remember all things in moderation,” Hammond sings. The most magical thing about their latest work is the way these two bounce back and forth, both singing and rapping, without stepping out of line or outshining each other. To top it all off, this lovely offering is available for your free downloading pleasures via Bandcamp right now.

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