Take A 'Walk' Through Kwabs' Home

kwabs_in the house

If you've ever wondered what its like to go inside the home of Kwabs, then now you have your chance thanks to The Guardian's "In The House" series. The singer takes fans inside his London flat where he provides some insight into his home life before launching into an acoustic version of his song "Walk." During the intimate tour, he points out a dry erase board that he uses to jot down potential lyrics whenever they pop in his head. "They feel a little bit like a trophy, kind of representing what I've created over all this time," he explains. "It keeps the creative juice flowing."

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He also reveals that he when he not creating music, he loves to unwind with some vinyl and his closest friends. However, he admits that not everyone is a fan of the music that often emanates from his home, joking that he intentionally placed his piano against the wall of the neighbor who complains about his music most often. The thought of anybody complaining about anything this SB fave does is hard to fathom on our end, especially when you take a listen to this stripped-down rendition of "Walk." Even from the comforts of his living room, Kwabs delivers a top-notch performance that makes us long for an entirely acoustic album from him. In the meantime, take a tour through his creative space and enjoy this intimate performance.

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