Sam Smith Partners With A$AP Rocky For The 'I'm Not The Only One' Remix

Photo Credit: Capitol Records

Sam Smith does not strike me as an artist that should or need to collaborate with rappers. So when I saw A$AP Rocky's name attached to Smith's "I'm Not The Only One" remix, I was baffled. Whose idea was it to put A$AP Rocky, of all rappers, on a song with Sam Smith? Before I pressed play, I had it made up in my mind that the remix would be a mess.

Well, color me surprised when I actually listened to the track and realized that it is nowhere as bad as I thought it would be. Rocky raps two chill verses that are actually relevant to the love lost theme of the song. Outside of these additional verses, the rest of the song remains the same as the original track. It is an interesting and definitely unlikely partnership, but one that's pretty solid.

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Sam Smith's pristine vocals are enough for me, but folks who are looking for some more flavor may dig this remix. Press play, and, if you like what you hear, you can purchase the remix on iTunes.

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