Rochelle Jordan & JMSN Keep It 'Lowkey'

Rochelle Jordan JMSN

Given her musical track record, you can see why we here at SBHQ think that Rochelle Jordan can do no wrong. That theory was further proven when ROJO dropped the appropriately laid-back single "Lowkey." She doubles down on that chilled vibe with a remix of the track featuring none other than Michigan alt R&B artist JMSN. Though the pairing here is a bit unexpected, the two coming together musically was kind of an inevitably when you think about it. The singers both trade in musical stylings that throw back to the R&B's '90s heyday while still looking forward with production that has a slight futuristic feel to it.

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And they vibe together quite well here. Nothing is really changed about the KLSH-produced original track. It retains its smooth, atmospheric groove as Rochelle's breathy vocal rides the rhythm quite nicely. But JMSN comes in with a completely new second verse that tells the best friend love story from the other side, stating that he, too, is feeling more than friendly. JMSN also adds ad libs to the chorus and the song's outro, which are a great counterpoint to Rochelle's.

With this version of "Lowkey" sounding so good, could more collaborations be in the future for these two? We certainly hope so. Check out the magic they make right here.

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