Nicole Scherzinger’s Love Hits ‘The Rocks’


I wasn’t a fan of Nicole Scherzinger‘s bland pop/R&B single “On the Rocks” upon first (or second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth…) listen, but sometimes a good video can make a milquetoast song a bit more palatable. Unfortunately, as basic as the song itself is, the video is even more basic. Shot in black and white, the clip features a stunning Nicole tossing and turning with mascara running down her face, assumingly distraught over the dissolution of her relationship. She lies in bed, cries in the mirror, screams at her former beau and, because we must be completely literal at all times, pours up a few drinks on the rocks.

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It’s all very paint by numbers, with the only interesting part being that Nicole opted to film this in the desert (though you wouldn’t know it because we spend most of the video in her shabby quarters). The one thing that Nicole does have going for her here is that she looks damn beautiful, even while flinging her hair around wildly and looking disgruntled for the camera. But beauty can’t make a hit record, and this one just ain’t it. Hopefully the third single from her upcoming album will improve the outlook for the project, because right now it’s sounding like a whole lot of meh.

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