Keithian Can’t Deny The 'Power' Of Love


For the past few years, Keithian has enjoyed the life of a songwriter/producer for the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Scherzinger and Chris Brown, but it was the death of his grandmother that propelled him back to his first love: singing.

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The New Orleans native recently released the first single, "Power," from his upcoming EP of the same name. The song tells of the fear of vulnerability that manifests as a power struggle in some relationships. The track was inspired in equal parts by a past relationship, where the singer admits he was afraid of falling in love and giving up his freedom, and a current relationship, where he realized that holding on to his “power” was sabotaging a good thing. The guitar takes on lead instrumental duty here, creating an acoustic feel that is the perfect accompaniment to Keithian’s earnest vocals. The singer makes effective use of his tender falsetto on the song’s chorus as he admits, “I wanna let you know everything/But I can’t stand to lose the power.”

Judging by the teaser for the song’s music video, we can expect lots of drama as this story unfolds. Check both below, grab the free download from SoundCloud and decide if love is more powerful than pride.

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