Johnny Gill Is Creepin' 'Behind Closed Doors' In New Video

Johnny Gill Behind Closed Doors Still

Johnny Gill's music video for his steamy "Behind Closed Doors" is everything you'd expect from one of the New Edition crooner's bedroom jams. It's got red, though not a red dress like the one he famously sang about on "My, My, My." Instead, Johnny dons a red-jacketed suit and basks in the glow of a red light as he waxes poetic about prowess. There's also intimacy, found in the form of cuddling and canoodling with his co-star. There's lots of heat to be sure, as the couple enjoy a home-cooked dinner for two and sip on a glass of wine while they hold each other close.

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What's new to the equation is Johnny and his lady acting like teenagers, with the soul singer quickly fleeing her home when a car approaches the house in order to avoid being caught by her lover, Nicole Murphy.

Scandalous is a word that comes to mind, though perhaps we should have been clued in by his constant looking over his shoulder and relying on the ringing of a phone to signal permission to enter the house. Regardless, this is some soap opera drama that further spices up the clip.

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"Behind Closed Doors" is likely featured on Gill's next album, titled Game Changer, which is scheduled to drop on November 4th.

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